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IT consulting services is in our nature. Our Mississauga-based IT firm understands the varied and specific needs of companies and design solutions to meet the growing IT of the organization. Solutions are tailored based on business objectives and categories.

From understanding your business culture, assisting with planning and budgeting of your IT needs, and protecting your data, we have a solution. Our consultants have been serving the IT industry for over 35 years and are able to taylor solutions for just about any IT-related issue or challenge.

We are dedicated to the success of your business and will work diligently to create the right IT consulting solutions to help your organization grow and maintain a competitive edge in your industry.


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Business Sevices that we provide


Our Consulting Services include

IT Management: We keep you in the know with IT trends so you can stay focused on growing your business

Knowledge Transfer: We empower your staff with training and knowledge based on your IT requirements

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity: We assist you in protecting your data from attacks and natural disasters through disaster recovery and business continuity plans suited to your needs.

Conducting Virtual Meetings: We train your staff on how to conduct professional virtual meetings.

Motivational Currency┬«: We teach you and your staff how to leverage their motivational factor as well as other individual’s motivation factor to increase productivity.



White Papers on Data Security

Data Securitry White Papers - NIST whitepapers on data security


Data Governance Frameworks

PCI-DSS Standard - Guide for doing business online

Privacy guide for businesses Canadian government guide for Business in Canada


What is "Vishing"

You work in the accounting section of your organization.

You are working early and you get a call - The number is from the CEO

You answer the phone He informs you that he is transacting some business and would like you to immediately send him a money tranfer otherwise he would lose the deal.

The voice pattern is identical to your CEO and you and you have no reason to disbelieve him so you send the money.

This is a new type of phishing scam that is on the rise. A recent code release allows scammers to mimic business leaders voice and mainpulate unsuspecting staff.

For more information on how to avoid these types of attacks. Contact us.

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